1. Kat_72

    Panther babies for sale

    i have some beautiful cross locale panthers for sale. Hatched June1-7 they have been showing color since month 2-3. Parents can be traced through Kammerflage bloodlines. Sire is Ambanja/Ambilobe Dam is noseybe The males are showing beautiful blues and teals. Females are also showing some teals...
  2. ReptiGeek

    Archer and Naboo Square Off

    Okay, so for those of you who don't know, Archer lost all of his colours really suddenly after one of his sheds a few months ago. He has been brown (looking like a female) for nearly 3 months now. Prior to the shed he was mainly blue and green with hints of red and yellow. Well he just finished...
  3. Sub-Adult males

    Sub-Adult males

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