1. ReptiGeek

    Lump above right back leg, help

    Hey y'all, Don't bring happy news =/ I've noticed a protrusion has formed on the back right "hip" of my male veiled chameleon. He is 8 months old and has otherwise been in really good health. He shows no signs of MBD and has a proper supplementation schedule (Cal 5x/week; Multivite + Cal w/d3...
  2. beavesss

    Bump on to of head

    I had to go on a trip for a month an left my cham with my little brother when I returned I noticed a bump had formed on her head. I don't know if I should drain it with a sterile needle, take her to the vet, or let it be. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Female Veiled cham. 1Yr...
  3. Grizzabella

    to treat or not to treat?

    my male veiled chameleon (about 1 1/2) has had what i believe is an abscess on his head (above his right nostril) for some time... I took him to my vet when i first noticed it and we tried lancing it and antibiotics, and it has diminished by about half its previous size since. My question is...
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