light fixture

  1. Chaka

    Reptisun T5 HO

    So I've been meaning to try these bulbs but apparently they don't make/ I can't find any sizes to fit my light fixtures... I have a 24" fixture holding a 18" bulb and a 30" fixture holding a 24" bulb. Do they design these bulbs only to fit their Zoomed terrarium hoods to handle the higher...
  2. ReptileLove18

    Light Fixture Question!

    i apologize if this is a dumb question but i just want to clarify before i purchase a fixture.. i can use a fluorescent light fixture that was previously used for a fish tank to put a UVB bulb in right? thanks everyone!
  3. ReptiGeek

    Exo Terra Dual Top Fluorescent Halogen

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to ask if anyone has experience using the Exo Terra Dual Top Fluorescent and Halogen light fixture? I just picked one up for a really good price but I am not going to use it until I have my chameleon in his adult set-up. Have you had any problems with it? What bulbs...
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