1. LLLReptile

    Provide running water with a filtered waterfall!

    These awesome LED lit waterfalls from ZooMed are super easy to setup, easy to clean, look SUPER cool with their LEDs and won't require silicone or crazy building skills to put together! These are seriously the easiest way to add a beautiful water feature with minimal effort! Small...
  2. jcarlsen

    LED lighting…?

    Hey All, I've been researching for the panther chameleon I'm hoping to get in the next two months, and I've seen a LOT of discussion about lighting. The one thing I've seen very little about is LED lighting as a source of UVB. The most I've seen is a post from a few years ago about UVB...
  3. LLLReptile

    Awesome new LED lit waterfalls!

    These waterfalls are one of the coolest cage accessories to come out on the market! The LED lights are cool and won't burn your reptile, but light up the waterfall for a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing way to observe your pets. The waterfall helps keep humidity up in your cages, making...
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