laying bin

  1. chap

    How is my setup?

    Hi guys. I have added a couple more branches to my veiled's enclosure. Let me know how it looks! I will also be adding some live plants very soon. And the orange bucket is her laying bin. Lokee was a bit scared of the camera :rolleyes:
  2. Enochlg

    6 mo panther (fake) mama. egg laying problems

    Okay so my female of about 6 1/2months is very much gravid... She has been very round the last 2weeks, just starting to show the basic coloration. The eggs are infertile, everyone as work has been referring to her as my " baby the fake mama". :) Thursday, she kept running up & down her...
  3. thealissa

    Will she lay?

    One of my two veiled female chameleons has a clutch of infertile eggs. She is approx. 7.5 months old. It was about two days ago that I noticed the weirdness. She stopped eating, and her eyes began to sink in. Thinking it wasn't because she had eggs (I keep both the girls' temps in the low...
  4. Debmonster

    Laying bin

    Here's some pics of a laying bin/pot I put together. All the attachments that I use when she's indoors are not shown (UVB lamp, light, etc.)
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