1. katgraver

    sir george and his home

    I hadnt posted in a while so wanted to update...sir george is doing great ,he shed again...we got through eye challenges and he us digging his habitat... https://www.chameleonforums.com/members/katgraver-albums-sir-georgevof-jungke-son-kandiroo.html enjoy ! and thxs for all the advice along...
  2. katgraver

    Eyes and lighting

    So it has been awesome and yet challenging adjusting to having a chameleon. Newest challenge has been moments where Sir George can't see. Today I had him outside all day. He started the day not moving and cranky but improved as the day progressed , by the end of the day he could totally see and...
  3. Sleepy Time

    Sleepy Time

    I love hissleepy timecolors...looking torwardto his shedding the red id tagon his tail though!
  4. Curled Up

    Curled Up

    After a long day of traveling to my new home , gummy has eaten showered explored and found a comfy spot to sleep... A new set of colors are showing as he doses off...
  5. Happy After A Nice Afternoon Shower

    Happy After A Nice Afternoon Shower

    Just arrived and have spent the day adjusting, 5 months old , kandiroo bsby
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