1. Ethen44

    Parasite info?

    Is anyone aware of any detailed blogs or websites about different parasites that can harm your chameleon? My 1.2 F. Pardalis' seem to be parasite free, but I would like to read up on preventative care, and symptoms of the standard parasitic or bacterial infections they may be prone to. Any help...
  2. B

    Super worm care

    Right now I have my superworms in a container with oatmeal, bran, and dry cricket gutload, and then I put on top of that every other day or so different gutload. Normally carrots, sweet potatos, and collard greens.Here's my question: How often should I change out the dry medium I have them in...
  3. jessesoto33


    Hello everyone, I'm new to this stuff, I've always wanted a chameleon for a long time, Just didn't have the money. Thanks to DesertDave a member of this forum sold me two Viled Chameleons, for a good price. Just sending this thread to get some info on what i should do.
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