1. melble68

    Supplements: indoor vs. outdoor

    What kind of a typical supplement regiment should I be using for a juvi male nosy be for the cooler months where he'll be inside vs. the warmer months where my outdoor enclosure will get used? I'm in Tampa, and I'm expecting / hoping for him to be housed outdoors for probably 3/4's of the year...
  2. ferretinmyshoes

    Drainage Systems for Cages - get creative!

    There are so many creative ways to create drainage systems for indoor cages to keep up with mistings and drippers. Post pictures and descriptions of what works for you here to share ideas!
  3. SoCaliSon

    Well That Freakin' Figures!

    I just spent a good amount of time and money over the last several weeks preparing my large outdoor habitat in the Backyard, I bought a 6'x6'x12' chain link walk in cage that I was filling up with other cages and keeping chams in the natural sunlight... and It was coming along quite nicely...
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