1. Rango Jr In Paradise

    Rango Jr In Paradise

    Rango climbing his favorite plant "BIRD OF PARADISE" only bird he can play with!
  2. Dinner Time!!!!!!!

    Dinner Time!!!!!!!

    My chameleon just zoned in on his meal worm.
  3. Summer


    loves the sun
  4. Unique Girl In Crowd

    Unique Girl In Crowd

    Orange girl stands out in crowd.
  5. Rocky Vieled Chemeleon

    Rocky Vieled Chemeleon

    rocky dark soakin up da sun
  6. Mr. Triggs 2008 (9 Mos)

    Mr. Triggs 2008 (9 Mos)

    Mr Triggs at 9 mos. My baby is becoming a little man lizard.
  7. Lay'n in the sun

    Lay'n in the sun

    Vicky is enjoying her heat lamp.
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