1. imhotep

    3 day old neonates dying ???

    Need advice ... im using reptisun 5.0 for 12 on 12 off. for 4 hours a day i put an additional 100w power sun about 14in away. I hand mist 4-6 times a day (depending on temps/humidity). Basking temps are never higher then 87-89. bottom of cage...
  2. B

    Will chameleons just eat and eat and eat?

    I am not really sure if this is a stupid question but I was wandering whether chameleons are like dogs where you could lay out 10 bowls of food and it would eat it all and throw up later. Or will the chameleon eat until it has had enough and is no longer hungry?
  3. 30743.jpg


  4. Hungry?


    Just got her and she's an eater!
  5. She's A Beast! :)

    She's A Beast! :)

    Our young female Veiled Chameleon munching on a cricket
  6. Hunter In Training...

    Hunter In Training...

    This was a baby that was extremely malnourished when we got him/her and finally after days of not eating, he just started eating.....that was a few weeks ago and now he is even eating baby crickets and doing quite well.
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