hunger strike

  1. ScreamingIncognito

    eating habits of panthers

    so my panther chameleon has been eating quite well since ive got him though i never see him drink and when he does its only ever off his plastic circle thermometer(in my dp) not the plants or anything. but his eyes are not sunken or anything and sometimes i only give my crickets moist guy load...
  2. sandrachameleon

    what causes picky eaters?

    Im constantly suprised that people report their chameleon wont eat this or that bug. Chameleons appearing Afraid of insects known to be edible, just not interested in certain bugs. I have trouble imagining a wild chameleon turning down most edible insects/prey. My own chameleons dont seem...
  3. deano08

    loss in appetite

    i have a male veiled cham about 5 month old he used to eat well but now has had a sudden loss of appetite. he used to eat 15 to 20 feeders a day and now will only take around 5 i know they slow down on their eating as they get older but i didnt think it would be this soon. i try to vary...
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