1. Rosco

    Humidifier suggestions

    I just got a Vicks filter free humidifier yesterday and have now read reviews dubbing it a weak 1 star, and the reason largely being that it tends to grow mold rather easily. That's a big NO! So I have read reviews for the Honeywell (
  2. Bokaru

    Ultrasonic Humidifier For Sale

    I'm trying to sell a Ultrasonic Humidifier. I bought a little more expensive system and are trying to get rid of the small one. I actually just bought it yesterday for about $25, and then realized I wanted something a little different after using it only once (bought it from a store with no...
  3. Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Our first chameleon ever! He's stunning and full of personality (we're only on day 2!) You guys are awesome! Confusing and complicated for people who have never owned anything requiring basking light, UVB, gut loading, etc.
  4. Humidifier setup

    Humidifier setup

    Completed Humidifier Project
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