1. Army


    Army, my 9 months old Quad
  2. Usambara Girl

    Usambara Girl

    7 month old Kinyongia multituberculata
  3. Soft Enough Even For A Chameleon

    Soft Enough Even For A Chameleon

    he carried that piece of tissue for some time before he dropped it and i could get it out of his home.
  4. He Likes His Box

    He Likes His Box

    a picture of grimlock in a box i used when i 1st cleaned him out, still use it on occasions now he likes being in there (not sure why!?) when i'm cleaning out his home
  5. I See You Still.

    I See You Still.

    one of the first pictures of grimlock i took when i first got him. still just as shy.
  6. He Does Smile

    He Does Smile

    one of the more recent pics of grimlock after i gave his flexarium a good cleaning out.
  7. I Do More Than Green

    I Do More Than Green

    the only time i ve ever seen grimlock go blue and kind of red. made sure i got this moment
  8. Sam And Friend

    Sam And Friend

    Breeding Male four horned chameleon
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