1. wjbader

    Enclosure Building Questions.

    Alright. I am building a much nicer enclosure for my cham, however, I need some input from you! 1. Can anyone tell me why the door to setup A is beneficial to setup B? A B What is the benefit to having a the top and bottom half of the door partitioned? 2.Would it be OK for me...
  2. Amberlynscott

    Most AMAZING enlosures!

    These are some of the most amazing enclosures I've ever seen!!
  3. My Baby Girls Setup

    My Baby Girls Setup

  4. Pastels Home

    Pastels Home

    this is the cage i built wit my boyfriend joe cost 100.00 bucks for all the cage parts witch was wire mesh and pvc pipes and zip ties. the cage stand 6ft and 3 ft wide with one whole side a door have a tray at the bottom as well for cleaning
  5. Wonderful Home

    Wonderful Home

    Colorful home
  6. His Starter Setup

    His Starter Setup

    I got a med Size Exo-terra. I hooked the cage up with all sorts of climing branches and leaves for security.This should do untill he gets bigger
  7. Getting Used To His New Home

    Getting Used To His New Home

    my cam at home
  8. The Dude's House

    The Dude's House

  9. Spud's home.

    Spud's home.

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