1. johncjb

    How to pick up a Chameleon?

    So I've had my Oustalet's Chameleon for a few months now and was wondering how I should go about holding him. At the moment he will sometimes eat from my hand but either stands still or walks away when I try to get him to walk on my hand. He stays a light grey color so I assume he isn't...
  2. ChamyLove

    Socializing Chameleons for Handling

    I have a 6 1/2 month old panther, and he doesn't really like human company. He is getting better, but he still gets upset when i put my hand anywhere near him, even if it is just to clean up dead leaves and poop. How would you suggest i start socializing him? It will be necessary for me to...
  3. Holding Kibi

    Holding Kibi

    The first time Kibi let me hold him!
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