1. LLLReptile

    Incubator Super Sale!

    Incubators, hatchrite, Crystal Hatch, incubation trays - all of it ON SALE! 1602 Incubators $46.99 each! Incubator, Crystal Hatch, and Egg trays - special $63.99 each! The classic favorite - 1602 incubator, hatchrite, and deli cups for just $59.99 each! Reptibators just $93...
  2. LLLReptile

    INCUBATOR SALE going on now through Sunday, March 10th!

    Sale on incubators, incubation medium, and select thermostats going on now (03-06-13) through Sunday (03-10-13)!! Need an incubator? We have multiple models and features to choose from, all proven successful with many different types of eggs. The tried and true Basic Hovabator, model...
  3. B

    Vermiculite Vs. HatchRite Vs. Repashy SuperHatch

    Hello, I personally have used large grain vermiculite for all my breeding projects but im wondering your opinions on which is better and what are the advantages and disadvantages. :D
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