1. Thezillaman21

    Chameleon is acting strange

    My k. Multi always was a little skittish around my hands I noticed earlier that he was showing intrest in the feeding tongues. I am currently sick and fell asleep waiting for the misting I had recently done to dry. I just woke up and realized his lutes were still on while hitting the off...
  2. antithesis123

    My Veiled eating a snack!

    He just started eating out of my hand!!! I got him as an adult and he's been super timid but he's coming around. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lapy-hOBQM I have other cool videos on my page too at Youtube
  3. New Breeder Male

    New Breeder Male

    New breeder male from Primo bloodline sees future wife.
  4. Mr. Triggs 2008 (9 Mos)

    Mr. Triggs 2008 (9 Mos)

    Mr Triggs at 9 mos. My baby is becoming a little man lizard.
  5. Lenny!


    Took this pic to show my friends on MSN
  6. Much easier this way!

    Much easier this way!

    He is to the point where he will stay in that dish while he eats about a dozen crickets. Once he is done eating, he will head back into his cage.
  7. I refuse to chase crickets!

    I refuse to chase crickets!

    He will see me getting his crickets ready and he heads straight for the door. The minute I get the door open, he heads straight out and into the dish.
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