gut load

  1. SimonTheCham

    jackson cham nutrition questions

    we are feeding my female jacksons cham calcium without d3 twice a week, multivitamin once a month, and calcium with d3 once a month. were guyloading her crix with carrots a little bit of blueberries a little bit of raspberries oatmeal apple orange with peal and romaine lettuce. is this good...
  2. R

    Bug burger

    Hey guys Just recently bought repashys bug burger, it has been something I have been eyeballing for a while to make gut loading much easier for me and I have just tried making my first batch and I'm not sure if I have done it right/got the consistency right. I generally tried following the...
  3. cswan19

    250-500 crickets

    So I've been noticing how much money i've spent on crickets and I have to buy new crickets every few days as my baby veiled eats about 8-15 small crickets a day. So I was looking online for feeder crickets in order to save money. I found both 250 and 500 crickets for fairly cheap. As of right...
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