1. ''silence Human!''

    ''silence Human!''

    Gringo shutting up my flatmate :p
  2. ''you Shall Not Pass!''

    ''you Shall Not Pass!''

    Gringo Meme
  3. ''stop Mocking Me!''

    ''stop Mocking Me!''

    A friend at work knitted Gringo a little hat and shawl. I'm not one to dress up animals but I couldn't resist this one photo!
  4. Chameleon Love

    Chameleon Love

    I love Gringo
  5. Chameleon Love <3

    Chameleon Love <3

    I love Gringo!
  6. Gringo's Great Escape

    Gringo's Great Escape

    How does he manage this?
  7. Gringo's New Plant

    Gringo's New Plant

    Got some foliage for Gringo :)
  8. Gringo


    Gringo exploring :)
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