1. Kharma Eating

    Kharma Eating

    Kharma is a big fan of vacuum sealed grasshoppers!
  2. poker01619

    ''Death of a Grasshopper'' 720-HD video
  3. Echoezra

    Risk of bugs from my yard

    Hey there, Just kind of thinking ahead here. I know I've kind of touched on it before, but mostly then I was concerned about parasites, now I'm kind of looking for second opinions as far as the possible risk from pesticides/fertilizer in my area. See, our house is out in the county area, not...
  4. Comicalsteak

    Can i feed my cham this?

    okay well the closest petstore is an hour away! so its a hassle for me when i run out of crickets and worms. but i was save alot of money and gas. i was wondering if its okay if i feed him grasshoppers too. because they come out ALOT. just asking. thanks
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