food eating panther help

  1. Chameleon87

    Won't eat out of cricket trap

    Hi everyone, my cham wasn't feeling too good for 2.5 weeks and was sick but now he's back to his old self and eating good. Ate 2 silkworms, 5 hornworms (2+ inches), 5 crickets and I think a superworm in the last week. I made a cricket trap for him because before it was hard to monitor exactly...
  2. Dwinger

    need help panther has not ate in one week!!

    ok so i have an male Ambilobe panther. ive had him for 3 months and last week he suddenly stopped eating and i have no idea why. i need some help. Chameleon Info: [B]Your Chameleon - 2 year old male blue bar ambilobe panther Handling - i have him out every day to let him get exersize...
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