1. Fogging as a Chameleon Hydration Method

    Fogging as a Chameleon Hydration Method

    Fogging is becoming a primary, if not only, hydration method for a number of chameleon keepers. Fogging replicates a cloud enveloping the chameleon in the early mornings of their natural habitat. The part which confounds us humans is that it appears that chameleons can be fully hydrated from...
  2. LLLReptile

    Add a fogging system to your cages - as easy as the twist of a dial!

    Foggers! Easily add a prehistoric mist to your cage using an ultrasonic fogger - this ZooMed ReptiFogger can be extended to use on any cage, and does not need to be placed in the cage or in a water bowl to work! At $49.99 each, ZooMed ReptiFoggers are also one of the most affordable ways...
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