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  1. Flap-neck chameleon hibernating

    Flap-neck chameleon hibernating

    This shows the true hibernating behavior of a male flap necked that I rescued. I was expecting it to bask in the morning rays but instead I could not find him in the enclosure. -2C temps. I remembered a post I read that they do dig holes for hibernation. This is what I found.
  2. Loistwx

    New cham?

    So recently I was thinking about getting another cham. I've already had 2 senegals wc (who both died from parasites and not being well kept from where I bought them from) and a jacksons cb who is doing amazingly and the person I got him from took really good care of him and still helps me if I...
  3. LLLReptile

    Flapneck Chameleons

    Flapneck Chameleons $49.99 each To see our full inventory of available chameleons, visit our website by clicking here! -Jen
  4. BbyK4y

    Chameleon delivered with problem; Help

    I bought a male, around 7 month old, flap neck chameleon from a company which is located in California and I'm located in Florida. It was shipped 5pm last night and got to my house at 9:30am. First issue, I was not home to put it in the cage and open the box my dad was but he said he was fine...
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