1. AdventuringChameleon

    Fertilizer... Yum

    Hey Everyone! So Mowgli has gotten into this great habit of going down to the bottom of his umbrella plant to snatch up a little piece of fertilizer from the soil. We have some spanish moss over the top of the soil to try and cover it up and deter him, but sometimes he even will go for the...
  2. SamW

    Caring for my plants

    Hey all, So I'm about to place my new pothos and hibiscus in my guy's cage. I've been reading that hibiscus need fertilizer weekly to thrive. I would like to think that all of the plants would grow better with fertilizer as well. Are there any fertilizers that are safe to use? Any natural...
  3. Echoezra

    Risk of bugs from my yard

    Hey there, Just kind of thinking ahead here. I know I've kind of touched on it before, but mostly then I was concerned about parasites, now I'm kind of looking for second opinions as far as the possible risk from pesticides/fertilizer in my area. See, our house is out in the county area, not...
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