feeder bugs

  1. LLLReptile

    One price for any size cricket, shipped overnight to your door!

    Need crickets? We got em! 500 for $26.99 1,000 for $29.99 2,000 for $44.99 3,000 for $65.99 6,000 crickets for $109.99 We also now offer a FULL 3 DAY GUARANTEE after they arrive! Our cricket farm provides the healthiest crickets in the industry, and we back it with a 72 hour...
  2. LLLReptile

    Better than plain crickets - try vitabugs!

    Existing feeder insect choices do not provide complete nutrition for captive insect eaters, as a result, dusting or gut-loading is necessary. Even when used properly, many existing commercial gut-loading products and dusts do not provide appropriate nutrition. After years of research and...
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