fecal exam

  1. ChameLIonLover

    Went to the vet for a fecal examination

    Hi guys, I'm currently at the vets office for a fecal exam for my 15 month old guy. He didn't seem like he has been eating much, so I thought I'd get hIs poo checked. Maybe he just needs more variety In his diet. He goes to the bottom of his enclosure well before (up to 5 hours) lights out...
  2. ChameLIonLover

    Looking for a good, local vet

    i went on a road trip the past 2 weeks and left my mom in charge. I left a very detailed schedule for her to follow regarding food and watering. When I returned home peeve, I found a snotty, mild-like substance all on the side of the cage the humidifier was on. Turns out she only filled the...
  3. B

    Good reptile vets in toronto Canada

    Hi, my old exotics vet shut down. I need to find a new vet for my chameleons. I was wondering, what are the best vets for chameleons inside toronto (within TTC reach) and outside toronto, within GTA. Thank you
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