1. K

    Fat or eggs?

    So we have a female chameleon that is about 5 months old and I'm guessing that so give more take. We don't know if she's fat or has eggs.!shes been going to the bottom a lot. We have 3 inches of substrate (coconut husk) I know that's not enough for eggs so I was wondering if yall can tell me if...
  2. B

    Some questions about wax worms.

    Hi I just bought 10 wax worms I know they should not be fed often at all that's why I got the least amount possible. They don't normally have any worms in apart from mealworms so I just got a few. I just wanted to know a few things how to I keep them I got them in some wood shavings. This is...
  3. Maude


    My girl with a sweet attitude really..don't believe what you read!
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