1. Rosco


    I have an 8 month panther male that absolutely loves to sit on his cage door when I open it. I have been letting him do this for a few months now. Today I left him in his room chilling on the cage door and I went into my room to do a few things. After 20 minutes I went back into his room and saw...
  2. Mowgli In Mid-morning Sun

    Mowgli In Mid-morning Sun

    Taken in the morning when Mowgli (~7 months) was showing some bright colors.
  3. Pretty Pretty Face

    Pretty Pretty Face

    Male yemen chameleon 5 months
  4. Rainbow's Face

    Rainbow's Face

    Spike's offspring from the Primo line - showing off his colors.
  5. Titan, The King

    Titan, The King

    A picture of my male oustalets face, Titan
  6. Osirus' Face

    Osirus' Face

    A closeup of our boy's face
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