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    My baby panther is not eating!

    Help my 3 month old chameleon is not eating his casque is quite small and has a dip and eyes are not sunken he is in a screen cage. He has been doing fine until he started his shed then he stopped eating. He has not eaten for five days now. He is a panther Nosy Ankarea.
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    Will chameleons just eat and eat and eat?

    I am not really sure if this is a stupid question but I was wandering whether chameleons are like dogs where you could lay out 10 bowls of food and it would eat it all and throw up later. Or will the chameleon eat until it has had enough and is no longer hungry?
  3. Dean Pulcini

    Parsons, Wild Thang

    youtube video of a mid-afternoon snack... Enjoy.
  4. Eating A Mealworm.

    Eating A Mealworm.

    Kualoa eats a mealworm.
  5. She's A Beast! :)

    She's A Beast! :)

    Our young female Veiled Chameleon munching on a cricket
  6. Linda Takes A Bite

    Linda Takes A Bite

    My baby veiled caught eating her cricket lunch.
  7. Mmmmm Nice!

    Mmmmm Nice!

    2 Mounth old Mitch eating a mealworm
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