1. studio2eight

    Caught in the act!

    I never see this chameleon eating - he's so secretive! My husband threw in a lubber nymph and we walked away. I checked back moments later... while we didn't see him 'tongue' the bug, we did get to see him chew ;)
  2. studio2eight

    Photo Shoot Time!!! *Lots of Pics*

    I let Drama loose in the yard for a little while and got some nice shots of him. He even showed me his stripes :) His camo amazes me - God forbid I loose sight of him...
  3. Can't Leave This Guy Alone For A Second!

    Can't Leave This Guy Alone For A Second!

    I leave my computer for a moment... and upon my return I find Drama, looking at photos of lady chams undressing! ;)
  4. Drama Up A Tree

    Drama Up A Tree

  5. Drama Exploring The Yard

    Drama Exploring The Yard

  6. Peek-a-boo!


    Drama hiding!
  7. Science Fiction Drama

    Science Fiction Drama

  8. Getting Ready For Bed!

    Getting Ready For Bed!

    Here's my Graceful right before turning out the lights. He's looking a bit sleepy. "Will you get that phone out of my face?!"
  9. My Enclosure

    My Enclosure

    This is my Graceful's enclosure, he is currently 14 weeks old.
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