1. ferretinmyshoes

    Drainage Systems for Cages - get creative!

    There are so many creative ways to create drainage systems for indoor cages to keep up with mistings and drippers. Post pictures and descriptions of what works for you here to share ideas!
  2. JohnDoe

    New Cage

    This is the new cage we have been building for our lil girl eva. It definitely has been a work in progress, and still more to do. Here are some pictures we are still going to add grapevines and another ficus and maybe some more stuff not sure. Let me know what you think and what else to add
  3. gegeland

    Screen Cage Water Tray - LLLReptile?

    I was wondering if anyone out there had any opinions or experience with the new drain trays that LLLReptile sells for their screen cages. I would be looking at buying the tray for the 24x24x48 cage. I am also unclear on how exactly the tray would be used. I understand that you need to drill...
  4. Cage base

    Cage base

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