drain pan

  1. Stanly

    traveling cham room

    I work about 90% of the year out of state, so far I've just been renting but I've decided to star pulling a rv. Here's my future cham room, it's a 7' x 7 1/2 ' room. I've just started working on it, I've removed the bed and put a shower base (which will drain out a utility door va pvc and flex...
  2. summoner12

    LLL Drain Pan Drainage.

    So people are starting to get the new LLL Reptile drain pans and wondering; 'how do I drain the water?!' The cool part about these pans is that they are made of PVC. This allows you to use PVC glue with a PVC fitting and bond the two pieces together. This will make a water tight seal, just...
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