diy cage build own

  1. Seeco

    My Methods Part 3 Outdoor Caging

    I like to do things my own way. The result is often failure, but sometimes I come up with some interesting innovations. I'll be posting a few threads of some things I have slapped together. Instead of explanatory captions I'll just answer any questions you ask. The closer you look the more you...
  2. stapleton33

    The Chameleon Ikeararium

    I was helping my wife find a new dining table at Ikea the other day when i started noticing that they pretty much had everything you'd need to put together a pretty sweet cham enclosure, so i made this. enjoy!
  3. kenya

    Check out my idea for a cage design!

    I do not want to buy another screen cage but I would like to upgrade my chams as the whole drainage situation is getting to be a big pain now that I have four enclosures. So this is my idea! Any questions? I tried to explain it as best as I could. Also, I think contact paper would work...
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