1. CarlyMK

    6 week old panther cham very dark and licking EVERYTHING!

    Hello, I was hoping someone could give me their opinion on what my cham is up to.. I have a 6 week (approx) old male panther cham, I got him about 3 weeks ago. I have noticed lately that when he is in his basking spot he is very, VERY dark. I noticed this a couple times when I first got him...
  2. LeahMcL

    continuous dark colored veiled cham

    My 8 month old veiled chameleon Apollo has been dark for the last day and a half and I know I need to get a lot more plants but I just upgraded from a small reptibreeze to an extra large. He seemed to be doing okay for about 3 weeks until yesterday. I am just wondering if he is stressed about...
  3. Seeing Outside

    Seeing Outside

  4. Dark Pea

    Dark Pea

  5. Dark Pea

    Dark Pea

  6. Dark Pea

    Dark Pea

    Her shade colors
  7. Dark Pattern

    Dark Pattern

    Here she was getting a little upset..
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