1. BKFritz

    Breeding crickets!

    Wish me luck! I'm going to breed crickets! They're not necessarily the cheapest thing when you're going through so many. The minimum most online places sells is 500 and by the time I get half way through them, they are almost too big. Then there's the tough Minnesota winters! I don't want to...
  2. G

    starting cricket/ d. roach colony

    I have a male veiled chameleon that is about 4.5 months old I'd kike to start a cricket colony, and possibly a D. Roach colony as well, to cut down the feeding costs. I'm curious to know how many crickets and roaches I will need to purchase initialy to get the respective colonies started...
  3. Zen

    Breeding Crickets Steps:

    Hey everyone have a quick video on How to breed crickets. Check it out.
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