1. cswan19

    First try!!!

    So i read a blog of a member on this forum about taming your chameleon and gaining their trust. I'd never tried to tame my chameleon or anything. I basically just left him alone except for pictures. Well I decided I would try and hand feed him some crickets. I received him from lllreptile and to...
  2. Ambi Life

    Ambi Life

    We are new, trying to meet fellow reptile owners specifically chams, to gain knowledge and also friends. He is only 4 months
  3. Rexy's Cage

    Rexy's Cage

  4. T-rex


    He is big
  5. T-rex's New Cage

    T-rex's New Cage

  6. Shenron The Jackson's

    Shenron The Jackson's

    Shenron the Jackson's Chameleon quenching his thirst.
  7. King Of The Jungle

    King Of The Jungle

    Rango striding across his cage
  8. Googleyeye


    Rango's eye
  9. Playing With My Mac

    Playing With My Mac

    I was holding my female veiled and decided on a photo shoot
  10. taking aim at a worm

    taking aim at a worm

    my chameleon kyle taking aim at a worm
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