1. Echoezra

    Anybody breeding for "wild" Nosy Be look, rather than true blue?

    Olympia's pictures of Cobalt got me started/drooling, lol. And then I saw that link to the translated site with pictures of wild chameleons from different locales. I can't stop looking at them, just gorgeous! I checked out the chameleon company and their breeders Greaseball & Tripod, and that is...
  2. Xepera

    Real life USB Chameleon? :D

    Which one do you prefer? The latter one is my curious little darling yesterday (veiled male 6 months). The whole photo series here.
  3. Georges Peep Show

    Georges Peep Show

    In her window Showing Off
  4. Congo.


    Congo showering on top of his umbrella tree
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