coastal silkworms


    CA Canada Shipping - Silkworm Eggs and Chow

    For customers in Canada, we are able to supply our silkworm eggs and silkworm chow to your country without a need for permit. We have arranged special agreements with both FedEx and DHL to get affordable air shipping rates to your country and clear our items in customs for you. While we have...
  2. DayneDavis

    Coastal Silkworms Ordering

    So i just made my first order from coastal silkworms. I order 500 silkworm eggs and a 1/2 pound of the silkworm food powder. I was planning on keeping the eggs in a cooler and hatching them off a little at a time since I only have one 10 month old Jacksons, but I was recently warned that because...
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