1. ReptiGeek

    Is this branch safe?

    Okay so I took this branch off of my tree outside. I'm not sure what kind of tree it is to be entirely honest but it grows red maple-leaf-like leaves during bloom. It's small and has remained small for years! I'd say no taller then 9 ft. We've had some hectic wind and this branch was one of the...
  2. B


    Is bamboo suitable in a chameleons enclosure or will it cause the chameleon harm?
  3. Chameleon Jim

    What to do about the light and the screen?

    Current Problem - My Cham keeps climbing onto the screen and going onto the roof of the enclosure. I am worried she is going to sit directly under the light and burn herself. I have read so many posts talking about the danger of chameleon burns and I am not sure how to handle this. Chameleon...
  4. On The Climb

    On The Climb

    Playing outside on some branches I put up for her.
  5. Whats Up There?

    Whats Up There?

    Panther chameleon climbing a vine
  6. My Baby Girl Climbing Around

    My Baby Girl Climbing Around

  7. Climbing


    Ziggy climbing around
  8. Escapee !!

    Escapee !!

    Gizzy has turned all James Bond and stealthy tries to reach her fiscus in the window.
  9. Hangin On The Curtain

    Hangin On The Curtain

    jack, as usual, climbing around
  10. Lenny on my Tam Tam

    Lenny on my Tam Tam

  11. Panther Chameleon on Jungle Vine

    Panther Chameleon on Jungle Vine

    Panther chameleon on surreal undulating vine from Photo taken in Bali, Indonesia at the Bali Reptile Park.
  12. Panther on natural liana

    Panther on natural liana

    Panther chameleon on a skinned surreal undulating vine at the bali reptile park in indonesia.
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