1. deadhd5

    Silkworm Best Practices (chow)

    I wanted to start this thread in order to get a set of best practices for raising silkworms from eggs with the goal being to minimize die-off and workload. If we could keep the focus on feeding with chow, it would be helpful entering the cold season. Any thoughts on containers and balancing...
  2. summoner12

    Mixing up Silk Chow-DIY

    Mixing up Silk Chow-Stove Top-DIY I wanted to make a DIY of mixing silk chow... even though this is somewhat straight forward I thought it might inspire some people to buy mix instead of pre-made chow. I also thought it might help out those who are worried about making the chow for keeping...
  3. Dave

    Zebra Silkworm Eggs (Great for Do-It-Yourselfers!)

    A new shipment of Zebra silkworm eggs are finally coming in. They've been delayed by US Customs, but now are finally available once again :-) Zebra Silkworm Eggs 250+ - $13.95 500+ - $17.95 1000+ - $19.95 2000+ - $25.95 5000+ - $45.95 10,000+ - $79.95 25,000+ - $119.95 Orders 1000...
  4. Colorfull Chow

    Colorfull Chow

  5. Mr. Chow

    Mr. Chow

  6. Mr.chow


  7. Mr. Chows At It Again

    Mr. Chows At It Again

  8. Mr. Chow Again Lol

    Mr. Chow Again Lol

  9. Mr. Chow

    Mr. Chow

  10. Mr. Chow

    Mr. Chow

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