chameleon room

  1. d3s5

    Melleri Room Finished!

    I had planned on completing this room last July. Permit problems and my wanting things just the way I want them delayed the project. But I'm happy with the results. It was difficult to get photos of the whole room at once because it is so small (9x10), but I hope you like it! I still want to get...
  2. A1forall

    The Cham Room

    Me in the Cham room. :)
  3. Stanly

    traveling cham room

    I work about 90% of the year out of state, so far I've just been renting but I've decided to star pulling a rv. Here's my future cham room, it's a 7' x 7 1/2 ' room. I've just started working on it, I've removed the bed and put a shower base (which will drain out a utility door va pvc and flex...
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