1. leet13

    My "zoo"

    Here are some pics of my "zoo"... My pug (Jersey Girl) is my best friend. She is 2 and a half years old... but looks like a puppy. My husband's doberman, Panzer just turned 10 months old... He is a real handful and my pug attacks him daily because he always bites her neck. He thinks...
  2. chameleonneeds

    Introducing my cham`s and others.

    I finaly got to upload my pics. This is 1 of my females squidge. This is Roxy the female I thought was supose to lay eggs about a month ago. See, it looks like eggs on by her back leg. And this pic was taken about 2 months ago. This is Duke my male. This is my cat and dog...
  3. Friends


    Mutual admiration fascination
  4. What Are You?

    What Are You?

    Our cat 'Nilla saying whats up to the Beardies!
  5. Not even the glass can keep us apart!

    Not even the glass can keep us apart!

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