1. Loistwx

    New cham?

    So recently I was thinking about getting another cham. I've already had 2 senegals wc (who both died from parasites and not being well kept from where I bought them from) and a jacksons cb who is doing amazingly and the person I got him from took really good care of him and still helps me if I...
  2. dominicthechameleon

    Need help taking care of your chameleons/reptiles ?

    Hi, I am Dominic and I am 14 years old. I live in Bethesda, Maryland. I can help anyone not too far away with their chameleons, their feeders, other reptiles, and any other pets in Maryland or close Virginia. I can help on a scheduled basis, or I can take your pets to my house if you go on...
  3. B

    Super worm care

    Right now I have my superworms in a container with oatmeal, bran, and dry cricket gutload, and then I put on top of that every other day or so different gutload. Normally carrots, sweet potatos, and collard greens.Here's my question: How often should I change out the dry medium I have them in...
  4. Ideal Jacksons Setup

    Ideal Jacksons Setup

    Reptifoggor, little dropper, uvb light, night/daytime heat light, 18-18-36 screen terrarium. 85 basking temp 65-70 cool temp
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