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    Beautiful male Ambilobe, Price negotiable

    I have a beautiful male Ambilobe, named Judah, that I do not have the time for any longer. I recently got a new job and cannot provide the proper care to keep this guy happy as I would like. He is about 5 years old, but dont have an exact birth date. He is very docile and nice. He has never...

    18x18x36 screen cages.

    Great condition. One is a few months old, the other is a bit over a year old. Tiny hole on both from random stick going through. A few dark spots on the PVC bottom. Aluminum frame, screen mesh and PVC bottom. Raw aluminum color. $40 each plus shipping if needed. Welcome to local pick-up...
  3. Veiled Chameleon///cali 2.0

    Veiled Chameleon///cali 2.0

    Cali doing what it does
  4. Veiled Chameleon /// Cali 2.0

    Veiled Chameleon /// Cali 2.0

    My Cali the chameleon
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