1. mirrinias

    Is this a burn?

    He's already clearly got one scale missing on the bottom part closer to his head. I suspect this is a burn but wanted you guys to look at it as well. I feel sick about it :(
  2. B

    What should i do about temps?

    I have got everything i need for my chameleon i have just set things up and getting temps right before the chameleon comes i have a bit of a dilemma. For the top basking spot i am using a 100w bulb and i was wandering if chameleons climb the mesh on the screen enclosure because i had it a few...
  3. Raphael1047

    *update* chameleon not eating and burn on head

    I posted about a week ago about my panther chameleon's burn and her eating.I just wanted to update everyone about her and i had a few questions.The burn is probably a infection but I have been putting antibiotics every day. She has started eating again but I don't know how much to feed a gravid...
  4. Rosco


    I have an 8 month panther male that absolutely loves to sit on his cage door when I open it. I have been letting him do this for a few months now. Today I left him in his room chilling on the cage door and I went into my room to do a few things. After 20 minutes I went back into his room and saw...
  5. Chameleon Jim

    What to do about the light and the screen?

    Current Problem - My Cham keeps climbing onto the screen and going onto the roof of the enclosure. I am worried she is going to sit directly under the light and burn herself. I have read so many posts talking about the danger of chameleon burns and I am not sure how to handle this. Chameleon...
  6. summoner12

    Issue with lobe.

    On Thursday night I took Lenny to a herp meeting as a 'show and tell' item for a presentation Elisa was giving. I haven't handled Lenny in a few days... and I noticed a discoloring on her right lobe. Renee had noted some rough housing between Lenny and her tree mate, Chris. She did not see...
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