1. OptimusCham

    Ceramic heater instead of standard bulb?

    So I recently bought a digital stat as the old analog dimmer stat finally died and as this isn't a dimmer stat, it turns the heat light on and off when the temps pass the set boundaries. I'm worried this will badly affect my cham, and also shorten the life of the bulb. So, to combat these...
  2. Seeco

    Basking Light Setup -- Lets Discuss the Best Way to Setup a Basking Spot

    This idea came from a recent thread: I'm not so sure about that. It sounds to me like his basking behavior is just several variations on cramming his body in the corner as much a possible. You animal should never have to bask upside down hanging from a screen. Not very natural. In my opinion...
  3. NWD

    newer zilla t8s

    I have read around that in 07 they were deadly any word on the newer models if used at a greater distance are they safe for a cham? I have heard they are but u never knowwwww
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