1. SamW

    Taking Veiled Outside

    Today is really nice out and fairly warm. I decided to take my guy outside to get some natural rays and he kind of freaked out. He got kind of low and his shape changed to a slightly abnormal figure. He also became very brown. I feel as if it may have been a natural reaction to receiving so much...
  2. T

    Why is my Veiled brown all day?

    Is it normal for a Veiled to remain brown all day, and then turn a nice green when he's sleeping? He is new, I've had him for 4 days now, and I would think tht he would be used to his surroundings by now? I put some pictures below, apologies for the quality.
  3. Gizmo The Senegal

    Gizmo The Senegal

    Gizmo the Senegal exploring our pattio. He is usally lighter, but in the sun he's brown/green mix. I am not sure what gender it is
  4. Chamaeleon Frons

    Chamaeleon Frons

    5 layers. It's a shame the camera didn't pick up the orange mixed in with the chameleon. Gave it a bronze look :)
  5. Story Being Moody

    Story Being Moody

    She hisses too much :(
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