1. Brookesia Introduction

    Brookesia Introduction

    This week I had Michael Nash (@javadi ) on the podcast and we talked about his experience with the number of Brookesia species he is working with. As he is breeding them he is the rare individual that can discuss their entire lifecycle. This week was a podcast episode, but Michael then came on...
  2. Chameleon Forums Video Contest 2022: @Mendez

    Chameleon Forums Video Contest 2022: @Mendez

    This is a video collage of the reptiles I currently own. The animals seen in the video include Horned Leaf Chameleons (Brookesia superciliaris), Canopy Chameleons (Furcifer willsii), a Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus), and a Jackson's Chameleon (Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus).
  3. Fashionably "Out-Of-Focus"

    Fashionably "Out-Of-Focus"

    I walked by the pygmy terrarium and saw this guy strutting around near the front of the cage which is a rarity (as they usually hide amongst the plants). So I seized the opportunity to take 23 pictures. Some were completely in focus. But this photo, which is partly in and out of focus caught my eye.
  4. Pebble the Penes-Packing Pygmy

    Pebble the Penes-Packing Pygmy

    Wow, who knew that this alliteration would revolve around the letter P? This is Pebble, my male Brookesia superciliaris. The true extent of his hemipenal bulge is covered by the leaves. Take notes @javadi.
  5. Twig the female Brookesia superciliaris

    Twig the female Brookesia superciliaris

    She's grown quite a bit in the time that I've had her. She used to be super tiny, but now she's just tiny!
  6. Brookesia perarmata

    Brookesia perarmata

    One of our two Armored Chameleons.
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