1. Toad on a Branch

    Toad on a Branch

    Toad is a 3 months old male veiled :)
  2. LLLReptile

    Ficus trees shipped to your door!

    Ficus trees are the perfect addition for any chameleon cage! Get a small ficus tree (6" pot) for $12.99 each! Larger ficus trees (8" pot, bushier, 28" - 48" tall) are $24.99 each! **NOTE** We cannot guarantee live arrival of ficus trees in temperatures below 35 degrees! View...
  3. LLLReptile

    Order any size piece of wood you need!

    Can't find the wood you need locally? Have it delivered! Manzanita in small to HUGE sizes! small 6 - 16" $9.99 medium 16 - 24" $15.99 large 24 - 40" $24.99 extra large 40 - 60" $36.99 ** Note - large and extra large require additional shipping, we will contact you with final shipping...
  4. ReptiGeek

    Is this branch safe?

    Okay so I took this branch off of my tree outside. I'm not sure what kind of tree it is to be entirely honest but it grows red maple-leaf-like leaves during bloom. It's small and has remained small for years! I'd say no taller then 9 ft. We've had some hectic wind and this branch was one of the...
  5. Walking Along.

    Walking Along.

    Chameleon (species unknown) walking along a branch outside my bedroom window in Kenya.
  6. Chamaeleon Frons

    Chamaeleon Frons

    5 layers. It's a shame the camera didn't pick up the orange mixed in with the chameleon. Gave it a bronze look :)
  7. Checkerboard Chameleon

    Checkerboard Chameleon

    Done the background by hand, no rulers nothing :)
  8. Panther on natural liana

    Panther on natural liana

    Panther chameleon on a skinned surreal undulating vine at the bali reptile park in indonesia.
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