blaptica dubia

  1. ponders

    US Starter Colonies of Dubia for sale

    Let my overgrown colony help you start yours! 100 small/ medium nymphs $11.99 100 sm/med/lg nymphs $16.99 Starter colony 100 sm/med/lg nymphs plus 10 adult females and 5 males $35.99 Custom quantities available and I always throw in extra because I get tired of counting! Shipping is...
  2. LLLReptile

    50 dubias for $11.99!

    Get your dubias for some of the lowest prices around! ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING 50 Small Dubias $11.99 25 Medium Dubias $17.99 25 Large Dubias $16.99 Need multiple sizes? Get 50 mixed size roaches for $29.99 Get food shipped with your dubias for only $1.99, or water crystals...
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